WBM International is world’s largest Himalayan natural salt products exporting brand name.  WBM  international’s core value are deeply rooted in fair business dealing, high quality product supply , excellent  service delivery to its consumers , safe and healthy environment condition , respect and regard for mankind. WBM International aims to deliver their every entire product standing under excellent quality standards. Every single product made by WBM international team, undergoes strict quality control procedures to make sure that products meet the customer’s satisfaction level.
WBM international is the world’s first Himalayan pink salt lamp manufacturer in compliance to ISO: 9001-2000 specification .WBM International exports high quality salt lamp and its co products.  WBM international products overlay in to various industries. WBM international has its consumers under the umbrella of health décor, food and general house ware. Every product produced under the tag of WBM international is classified as natural and wholesome. WBM international is strict advocate of environment   and produce their products within the bounds of ISO: 1400-2004
WBM is certified salt manufacturing and exporting brand name in compliance with ISO 9001-2000, ISO 1400-2004, C TPAT, ROHS and HACCP specifications. WBM international strongly support the affidavit for green environment. WBM is UL listed brand name with advanced equipment, independent department of technological administration and testing WBM’S products are in alliance with global standards and regulations.