WBM International  core values are deeply rooted in fair business proceedings, superior quality products, excellent service, a safe and healthy environment and respect for all people. We believe that every piece of product delivered should be top quality; therefore,wbm-logo.jpg

all necessary quality controls are duly implemented. WBM International observes strict labor laws and is dedicated to producing products which meet the customers’ satisfaction.

When we tell you that superior quality product is important, we really do mean it. We are happy to tell you that WBM International is the first Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer in compliance with ISO:9001-2000 specifications. These are strict stipulations that must be adhered to in the manufacturing process and are internationally recognized as the acceptable standards for production. WBM International is also listed under UL safety standards, so there is no need to worry about your safety when choosing a WBM International product.

We make products that overlap into various industries, hence, our customers fall under the umbrella of health, beauty, decor, food and general houseware. Almost everything we produce is classified as natural and wholesome. We are stern about protecting the environment; hence, we produce within the bounds ofISO:1400-2004 and highly support the affidavit for a green environment.

WBM is the first salt lamp manufacturer in compliance with ISO:9001-2000, ISO 1400-2004, C-TPAT, ROHS, and HACCP specifications, and we highly support the affidavit for a green environment. WBM is also UL listed. With advanced equipment, independent departments of technological administration and testing, WBM products are in alliance with global standards and regulations.