Best Gourmet Salt in different size and options

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If you are looking for the best gourmet salt collection to buy the best products, then there is a way that you can use to find it quickly and also with great convenience. As we know that the world has become so advanced and there is not even a single task that we cannot handle. Everything we need, we can get right at our home and this is just because of the facility of the internet that has allowed us to accomplish many difficult tasks in no time. So, we can apply the same formula here as well in order to find the best salt collection quickly and with a lot of convenience.

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Salt use for Gourmet  Collection :

You should know that the Himalayan pink salt is without any doubt is recognized as the world’s cleanest and the purest form of the salt that we have in the world. It is found or mined from the mines of Himalaya that is situated in the Pakistan. Because of the fact that this form of the salt is rich in minerals and have the ability to enhance the human health, many doctors uses it as the therapeutic treatment and also use it in the natural medicine.

Gourmet salt collection

Salt Use for Decorative Items:

This form of salt is also being utilized to manufacture some great decoration items like salt lamps those are also so good for the human health if they are made from the original Himalayan salt. If you are looking for the salt collection and you want to find the original Himalayan salt, in different size or packing, then you can try to find it online by writing the actual need in the Google. Like, when you need the Himalayan pink salt jars, then you can write them as it is in the Google to see who is offering it in this pack.

Salt Lamps and Candle

Best Brands with Best quality:

For your convenience, the WBM International is offering the salt made products in a variety of packs and size so that you can buy the one just according to your need. So, when you are here to try and find the best quality Himalayan salt or salt made products, then you can visit the WBM International website anytime round the clock to find your desired Himalayan salt made items from there. There product quality will be great and you will also be able to browse it from a huge collection because they are working their business for a very long time and they know what customers needs.

Himalayan Salt in Different Flavors

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If you are looking for the pure Himalayan salt and you are looking for different flavors and in different packs, then it is now available for you in a classical style with great quality and taste at the WBM International. They are manufacturing it in different sizes, packing and offering the quality seasoning for their customers for quite a while. So, if you are looking for the best gourmet salt taste and you are trying to find the original salt of Himalaya, then your wait is over as they are here to offer it in different sizes and packing.


Himalayanchef Salt Packing:

You will find the products in different packing like the salt jars, salt packs, salt grinder and other packing according to your needs. So, buy the original products in different packing and sizes and if you want to see the entire collection that is available in store, then you can visit the website anytime right from the comforts of wherever you are. So, doesn’t matter wherever you are searching for the salt seasoning in different packing or sizes, you can find them right at your doorsteps by ordering them online. Again, you have to buy original if you want to get all the natural benefits of original salt.

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Himalayan salt is no doubt the purest form of the salt that is being used for different purposes all around the world. It is a fact that there are the companies those are using the name of it to sell the impure or other forms of the salt under its tag, but there are the companies like WBM International who are certified and offering the original products.

Company behind these Products:

The best way to recognize the originality of the product is to look at the reputation of the company who is offering it.See the numbers for the year they are working for in their field and if the company has been working for a long time, then that means that their reputation is good that have made them working for so long in this field. Also check the numbers of the clients they have as it can also give you a clear snapshot of how good their reputation is. You look at the experience in the industry or you have a glance at the client list, you will find the WBM International on top of the other companies in this field.

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Harness the power of your salt lamp

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Benefits of sea salt on human have been acknowledged by the man since ancient time. In Greeks time salt therapy was used to cure many human body ailments. In Europe, salt cave rooms were designed to treat many health ailments in the human being.  Sea salt especially the pure pink Himalayan salt has no doubt many benefits on the life and atmosphere of human beings. Considering in the salt benefits on the human being and salt’s unique hygroscopic and antibacterial tendency amazing salt lamp have been designed by the WBM International. Which when lightened, emits beautiful amber colored light into the atmosphere. The salt lamps are available in many beautiful and attractive hand carved salt crystals designs.

 How Salt lamps are Manufactured??

Salt lamp crystals are obtained from the Himalayan mountain ranges. The rock salt chunks are collected. The picked chunks crystal is then carved into many different beautiful shapes. A hole is drilled in the center of the salt crystal to insert in the small 35-watt bulb the chunk is then mounted on the plastic or wooden base fitted with the bulb that is to be inserted in the salt lamp. When the bulb is sourced to electric circuit salt crystal is illuminated that gives an amber orange to red colored light depending on the density of salt crystal in the lamp. However, the lamps light color can even be changed as per the users’ choice by changing the color of the bulb inserted in the salt crystal

Why salt lamp is recommended to use:

Salt lamp use is recommended by many experts due to two main reasons.

Create the Negative Ions:

First reason is that the salt lamp, when heated, emits the negative ions into our air. The negative ions are called as air vitamins.  It kills the harmful positive ions present in the air that causes several mental stress symptoms and nervous uneasiness making the air pure and clean. The positive ions are present in our air in abundance. Mostly they are sourced from the electrical and the digital devices and from the pollutant material present in the air.  A salt lamp eliminates them and makes one work positively.  Now for the  convenience of IT specialist. WBM has designed the USB plugged small salt lamps easy to connect with the laptops and computer systems.

Kills the Bacteria in the Air:

Another reason to recommend the salt lamp is that it cleans the pollutant and the bacteria present in the air making the air and the surrounding atmosphere compatible for asthma patients.  Besides it also tends to act as the air refresher by killing the odor-emitting bacteria from the air.

Scientific Facts About Salt Lamp

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Pink salt lamp is a miraculous household item, which is rendering a lot of health, environmental and commercial benefits to human being right in this advanced modern era. The salt amp is commonly a natural mineral based product providing the natural solution to various human health and environmental related issues.  The salt lamp is made with the natural salt mineral mined from the pollutant free Himalayan mountain range. The salt used in the lamp is the purest form of all the world’s available sea salts. It is pink in color possessing more than 84 natural minerals naturally found in the human body.

Salt lamp absorbs water vapors from the air:

The salt lamp is enlightened by connecting the electrical bulb inserted in the salt lamp to the electric socket. The lamp when enlightens emit amber colored soothing light into the atmosphere which has positive impact on the soul and mind of the person. It is also declared by various scientific laboratory tests that lighted salt lamp delivers some negative ions in our atmosphere.  The salt lamp when enlightened absorbs the water vapors in the ambient air around.  It locks the water vapors attached with the positively charged pollutant particle in the air into the lamp and then emits the vapors back into the air with the negative ions.

 Emission of Negative ions From Salt Lamp:

The scientific researchers in last decades showed the continuous emission of negative ions into the air have productive effects on the physical condition of the earth.  The salt lamp, when heated, may be referred as the natural ion generator.  Ions emitted by the salt lamp stands at a primary position.  As the surplus negative ions are insignificant in the atmosphere,   an important fact of the ions emitted from the lamp is that they clean the ambient air around. The cleaning of the ambient air is due to the transformation cycle sodium and chloride ions and hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This specific character helps to give relief in asthma and the allergy symptoms.

 Cleaning of Air by Salt Lamp:

Salt lamp cleans the air researchers describes it on the base of a medical therapy called as Speleotherapy. Speleotherapy is natural salt based treatment in which a person is sent to an underground salt mine, where he is made to expose to negative ions which elevate respiratory and nervous disorder symptoms making the patient feel better and .improvised. The production of a salt lamp is designed on these footprints. However, a more scientific investigation is being made. The salt lamp therapy cannot be compared with the effects of salt caves but still salt lamps help in great variety of holistic and positive self-salt therapies

Amazing Features of Himalayan Fire Place Heaters

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Himalayan fireplace heaters are the best gift from Himalayan product to its valued consumers to protect their selves from the cold chilling weather. These heaters are specifically designed to give the natural old traditional look of fireplace that makes one fell the warmth in a classical manner. Himalayan fireplace can be lighted up with equal ease anywhere in the loft, apartment, houses, warehouses, offices you can say at any indoor location with easy to plug and play technology.Features of Himalayan Fire Place Heaters

Smartness & light weight Features:

Himalayan fireplace heaters are light in weight and are comparatively small with safe handle that adds smartness to carry them anywhere around the house with guaranteed protections. Lounging with natural fireplace look fascinates the people round the years so for that Himalayan fireplace heaters designed with the use of original flame processing technology that will provide the enthusiastic real flame effects.  Himalayan fireplace heaters are featuring with especial 90-degree oscillation that tends to transmit the heat up to 25 square meters from the plugged-in position of the heater.Smartness & light weight Features

Eco-friendly fire place heaters:

Himalayan heaters are an eco-friendly electric heating device.  Likewise, traditional heaters it does note emit any polluting gas or carbon material that requires additional ventilation equipment. The wooden circular shapes of the heaters add to the décor of your homes office interiors. The use of LED flame technology gives your interior the romantic enchanting looks for especial occasions.lightweight fireplace

Portable & Safe Heating device:

The Himalayan heaters are portable to move due to the light weight and safe handle. The heaters are equipped with auto-off and auto temperature adjustment features makes the heaters safe and compute-able to use. The unique electric heaters are designed with automatic falling down cut off device which makes their use even safe in case of accidents and mishaps. safety measures

How to use Himalayan fire place heaters:

The safe heaters can be plugged into any 120volt socket avoid their exposure to sunlight and moisture. The products are made up of the recycled materials. When its life cycle is completed discard it into the recyclable bin

Himalayan salt: best for cooking and serving?

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When you’ll go for health expert and if he’ll ask you to lower your daily salt intake, then you must ask him for what kind of salt should i use for my diet. He will surely tell you or suggest you about using natural pink salt . most of the artificial salt are not very good by taking their daily intake. Because they contains additive chemicals, artificial flavors and alkalies etc. ultimately which can be lethal for your health.

Health expert often speaks about artificial mocks how generally used for cheap or low price reasons. These kinds of table salts are available in the market, holding with impurities and several health dangerous elements with them that can affect your health.

what is best salt:

Have ever thought about using natural salt instead of others, or have you ever ask about your health expert about its use. Do you question about its health benefits? Or does it hold the impurities or the chemicals? Actually, the health experts have to reveal the complete picture. Just showing you the one way is not good. The fact is that not all the salts are same, there are different types of salt available and we can categorize them in good or bad salts.

Why it is best for cooking & serving?

Actually, if the salt is Himalayan salt, then there theory is totally wrong. This type of salt is hidden in the beauty of Himalaya where it has been kept safe and away from the pollution and impurities for more than 250 years. This is holding a number of health beneficial minerals and there is not even a single salt type that holds 84 minerals as it is. That is why this is often labeled as the “rich in mineral” salt and you will often witness it packed with a claim of “world’s purest salt”.

84 Natural Minerals:

You are advised to use this salt in your daily diet because it has the minerals that you need to inject into your blood stream through your diet. The 84 minerals that it is holding are the much needed minerals for the human body and when you are eating your food that contains this salt then you are injecting all these minerals into your bloodstream.

Natural salt for cooking plates:

This salt is not only good for cooking, but you can also enjoy this salt type in serving your favorite dishes. Salt cooking plates made from this salt are a great addition to your kitchen and you will love to have this beautifully carved salt plate. They are also known as the salt blocks and they can be available in different shapes like square, round or the brick shape. Additionally, you can also use it to cook your favorite food, because it is carved for both cooking and serving purposes.

salt use for Gourmet collection:

So, this is the best gourmet salt and you need to replace your ordinary table salt with this salt type if you want to live a healthier life. Actually, salt is necessary element for our body and if we stop getting it to our body through our diet, then we will not be able to exist anymore. So, you must not reduce your daily salt intake if you want to live healthier. In fact, you should replace your common processed or refined salt with this salt to ensure a healthy living.

What is GMO, and how they affect your living?

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GMO stands for (Genetically Modified organism). Well, if you can focus on these three words, it will feel daunting. Sounds scary enough? If not, then try another combination of the words “DNA Modification”. For your information, the GMO or the genetically modified foods are the engineered foods by taking the traits of a plant or an animal and putting it into another for producing a superior, disease resistant and more robust plant. The main idea behind is to have a kind of plant that can capture more abuse, that cannot get sick and that demands for the less care than the naturally grown plants in the wild.What is GMO

DNA Alteration:

For an instance, an arctic flounder gene can be injected with the tomato DNA in order to produce a new breed that can be more resistant to the frost damage. The main issue behind this new science is that the scientists are trying to produce something that is not just natural. The ones who oppose this new science have the argument that it is not at all a healthy food to consume because of the fact that there is nothing as good as the nature produces and you just cannot replicate a natural thing in the lab that the nature has produced.DNA alteration

Physical Impact:

There is a huge impact on our body that the genetically modified foods will produce and the concern is that we just cannot control it. Just a few weeks ago, the GMO wheat was found in a farmer’s field in the Oregon that was not approved by the USDA. Well, that is frightening! We just cannot understand that how we can put the control mechanism on the Mother Nature? Well, you can call it like the tip of an iceberg. The concern is too big to discuss and we have to work it out the right affecting life

Affecting children

this is a critical concern for our children because the children are more at risk cause to the allergens they are more likely to have the food allergens. While the scientists are creating the GM plants, the allergens are being introduced in the process targeting the creation of a plant that is just resistant to them. The plants will be holding the allergens, so exposing the children to the allergens in higher quantity than the normal will be child affect

Children less than 2 Years

A child that is less than 2 years old will be more affected by it because he will not have developed the immune-response the allergens and they are most probably to consume the GM foods. Well, the allergens are not the only worry as the GM foods are very high in growth hormone. There are additionally a few agents that are used in GM process can cause cancer. So, this is a big concern and the WBM Foundation has spotted this alarming fact and trying to spread maximum awareness in the public for their health and wellness. We expect that you will also play your part in spreading this useful information to your loved ones and the other companions you wish to see effecting childrens

Best Environment for a Healthy Life!

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The environment in which we are living has been becoming worse because of the pollution and the dying natural resources. The air quality is becoming infected with pollution and allergens, the water resources are becoming scarce, and the nature is dying day by day because of a number of reasons. This is an unfortunate situation because after all the latest inventions and the advanced technology that is offering us a lot of fortunes, the rate of pollution is growing on a rapid pace and the scarcity of the natural resources are becoming more and more with every single day.

Air Pollution

One of the biggest issues that we are confronting with today is the growing air pollution that is bringing a number of health issues. There are a number of reasons behind this growing concern. The top reason among all is the smoke and flames blown from the chimneys of the industries and the manufacturing units and the waste water and the chemicals mixing up in the canals and drinking water. In addition, the motor vehicles are also doing the job as the burning fossil fuels are another issue that is a concern. So, our air is becoming polluted day by day and this is a big concern.

1 Reducing-the-Airborne-Pollution-&-Allergens

Forest Destruction

Well, we are destroying the forests and discouraging the green environment that is needed badly to have a healthier environment. You can compare the life of a citizen and a village man to see who looks healthier and fit into the other. The reason why a village man looks like much healthier than one who is living in a metropolitan city is that he is living in an environment that is surrounded by the trees, crops and a lot of greenery. Forests or green environment is necessary in many ways as they can stop the storms, floods and can create a positive change in the environment.forest distruction

Water Scarcity
Well, with the modern age where the technology has a lot to talk, there is an unfortunate scenario of water scarcity problem that is hitting the environment badly. One big reason is that we are not using it carefully and a huge amount of water has been wasted everywhere around the world and the deforestation is also adding to it. We have to think about it seriously and we just do not have to rely only on the efforts of the government and state agencies because we also have to take our part here.

water security

The WBM Foundation has spotted the issue and taken an initiative to awaken the world to let them see the clear and the worse picture of the situation where we are standing right now. We are making the efforts by passing maximum knowledge on this critical issue to motivate people for playing their parts in it. You have to make efforts in motivating the others by letting them know the exact situation where we are standing right now and by asking them how critical it can get in the future if we do not take it seriously today. So, we have to make efforts today for a better tomorrow.

Brands of WBMInternational, what is Himalayanchef?

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Due to the fact that salt is an essential mineral that we need to have in our daily intake in an acceptable amount, in our environment to create a healthier environment and in our food to have a perfectly balanced taste, then Himalayan Chef came into existence to offer the world the world’s healthiest and the cleanest form of the salt by presenting them a collection of high quality Himalayan salt products. Well, Himalayan Chef is the brand of wbm international, that is recognized worldwide as the top manufacturing company and exporters of the Himalayan salt that.

post a (1)For your information, the Himalayan salt has all the much needed minerals that you need to have a perfectly balanced life. There are countless number of health advantages associated with this type of the salt, but unfortunately, this has become hard to find the original Himalayan salt products because the companies are selling the ordinary salts by labeling them with Himalayan salt. Here, the Himalayanchef is giving you the advantage to take the original Himalayan salt products leaving all the 84 much needed minerals intact.


So, at least there is a place from where you can buy this salt with its original properties and all benefits. If you are looking for the original Himalayan salt products, then you can visit the salt84 official website that we have fabricated for your convenience to explore a wide range of high quality Himalayan salt products. You can find the decorative items, you can explore a wide range of natural health solutions and you can choose from the Himalayan chef line after visiting the website. So, right when you are looking for a variety of Himalayan salt products, then you can visit the website to explore a huge variety quite easily right from the comforts of your home.

Natural inhaler A new choice for bronchitis

You will be amazed to know that the Himalayan salt can stabilize your heart beats and it can be so effective in lowering the blood pressure as well. Your indoor environment can be filled up with the negative ions if you are using a lamp that is made by using the Himalayan salt. So, there are a lot more health advantages that you will take while using this salt in your daily intake or by using the Himalayan salt products like the decorative products and other interesting products. Actually, it’s a complete health solution for you and for your family.

So, if you are looking for the original and highest quality Himalayan salt products, then you should know that the Himalayan Chef is known as the world’s largest salt manufacturing company that is manufacturing a number of high quality Himalayan salt products. You can get all the health advantages of this ancient salt that has 84 minerals and you can live a healthier and stronger life by using it in your daily intake. So, with Himalayan Chef, you can explore the ocean of energy that you will find in the shape of the Himalayan salt products that are so good for your health in a number of ways.